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Top Gambling Experience in Lucky Dino Casino

The Lucky Dino Casino is a bright and positive online gambling facility with an outstanding design and very wide choice of games. It really can take up to half an hour to see all the games and much more time to try them out.

In order to provide users with the best gambling experience the online casino managed to do something more than just create a website with a responsive and user-friendly design. It has also made a gambling process smooth and stable.

There are many reasons to choose this casino as a place to gamble, and all of those are going to be described in the review that is provided below. If you want to know more about the opportunities that players have in the online casino, if you want to find out why the website is still going then do not hesitate to look thoroughly through this review and consider the casino we are describing in details as an option when you will choose the website to create an account and play for real money.

As a matter of a fact the first thing we are going to describe in our article is a user interface.

User Interface

When it comes to the user interface the majority of the online casinos do not manage to provide the outstanding service as it can be a very demanding task to create a rich colorful design that will attract new users instead of distracting them with the poorly pictured elements and creepy performance.

That’s why when you visit the majority of the online gambling websites you do not really feel the spirit of the game and for this reason most of the users fail to have the best gambling experience.

It is known that when there is opened a new landing gambling facility the founders make it all in Las Vegas, Monaco or any other gambling capital to provide the best atmosphere so that the players could feel the spirit. The same should be true for the online casinos, however, unfortunately the majority of the online gambling facilities do not pay enough attention to the design and concentrate on other things which also can be important but not sufficient to deliver the best client experience.

Thus, when we come the analysis of the Lucky Dino user interface we can say that the founders made a great work on providing players with an outstanding gambling atmosphere which allows to concentrate on playing – losing and winning, thus all those who sign up to the service should be glad to know that they will definitely feel the spirit of tru casino when performing various activities on the website.

There are also other things to be said about the user interface – it is extremely user-friendly and even if you have no experience in gambling and have never visited the online gambling facilities you will still be able to navigate among the website without any issues as the navigation is very intuitive.

Along with the simple navigation there is also very user-friendly approach to the way players can perform on the website. In the majority of cases all you want to do can be done in a single click and the design of the animation is rather catchy and pleasant so if you value good visualization this casino is a great choice for you.


One of the main elements of each casino is the way user passes the registration process. The better is it organized the more are the chances that user won’t abandon the sign up process and will complete creation of the account on the website. However, the majority of the online casinos make the registration process a bit tricky and offer users to fill to many fields before they can get to the gambling process. Sometimes it worths that, but it is always leaving a negative effect on the player’s user experience. Thus, in order to avoid that an online casino should make a simple, even primitive registration which demands from you filling only a couple of fields no matter where you live – in Canada or in any other country in the world. Such an approach allows a user to get to the gambling process in several clicks.

So the best way would be to provide an opportunity to bound your account with a social network account like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other popular network. In such a casino user can sign up in a single click.

When it comes to the casino Lucky Dino there can be said that the administration has enforced very qualitative and informative sign up process – it only takes less than a minute to create an account which is a good sign for all those who value simplicity and user-friendliness in the services. thus, all you need to do is to get signed up, and then you can easily login to the service via the home page.

Usually the first thing all the online casinos offer when you create an account is to make a deposit and get a first deposit bonus with extra funds or free spins on your account. The website is not an exception and we will talk about the promo codes for new and old players in the online casino Lucky Dino in the next sections.


Promotions have become the main factor considered by the players when choosing the online casino. The majority of gamblers just look at the promotions section to make a choice whether to play in this casino or choose another that has better terms and conditions like no deposit bonuses, cashbacks, free spins, free games or any other kind of benefits and perks.

That is why all the online casinos – we ll, at least good online casinos bring so many efforts to build the best  promo codes network which satisfies all the players possible and the majority of the gamblers value that when the casino figures out something that really responds their needs.

Usually, all the casinos have a welcome bonus – some of them are very generous, other are rather regular, however, you need to know that the welcome bonus is a one-time bonus code which you cannot use again, so when you define the online casino you want to play in do not consider only the welcome bonus – look at other promotions and special offers. You should figure out is there a VIP program that allows gamblers to get as much benefits from their gambling activity as possible, you should find out are there tournaments which can cover your losses and many other things.

The majority of the promo codes which are offered by casinos are almost useless for the players, however, some of them are very valuable and really have to be redeemed.

When it comes to the casino we can say that here you can see the promo codes that are on the edge of the industry for the year 2021 and make this casino totally worth of considering. Thus, in the section below we are going review the promo codes and bonuses available and give you the best ideas on whether you should choose this casino or any other online gambling facility in Canada.

Welcome Offer

The welcome offer of the Casino Lucky Dino is as generous as possible for such an outstanding place to play games. However, if you wait for no deposit bonuses or other kinds of promo codes that are not eligible in 2021 for the respectful casinos you may be dissatisfied with the fact that no deposit bonuses are not presented in the casino.

The main thing you should know that for the welcome pack developed by the administration there is a high demand, unlike the no deposit bonus. This kind of the welcome pack will boost your chances to win right after you have signed up to the website.

As you can see on the picture what you can get in the Lucky Dino Casino is as much as the outstanding opportunity to get 400 Euros extra funds as a 100% deposit bonus, and 7 free spins immediately after you get signed up. Isn’t that much more better than some kind of the no deposit bonus? Free spins can be spent on slot machines and all the money you win with the free spins are not eligible to wagering which means that you can take all the funds you win and withdraw it to cash using any of the proposed withdrawal methods.

You also should know that in addition to the 400 Euro you will get as much as 100 free spins. Unlike the majority of other casinos which give you 20 free spins a day, here you are going to get 50 free spins each day for two days which means that you can gamble for free the first two days almost as much as you want, and your chances to win the jackpot for free increase dramatically.

Most of the bonus codes in other online casinos that launch welcome packs are much less generous due to the fact there is no such a thorough thinking about the gamblers’ needs. You easily can meet in 2021 casinos that only provide you with a $200 welcome pack without free spins. Sometimes, it is compensated by generous loyalty programs and other offers presented in the casino, but usually they are not, so the Lucky Dino Casino can made a huge step ahead with all those promo codes and bonus codes it has enabled for new players.

Once you have redeemed the promo code for the welcome you may have a question – is that all? Are you going to get any other bonuses or do you have to play now as a regular gambler just like in the majority of landing facilities in cities like Las Vegas, Atlanta and others?

Well, the answer is no. Right after you have claimed the welcome bonus code you can also get rewards on the permanent basis for playing the casino games thanks to the loyalty program implemented by the casino administration for all registered players.

Dino Rewards

dino rewards is an outstanding loyalty program that allows users that play much in the casino Lucky Dino to claim additional bonuses and perks just for being active players. There are no special terms and conditions like in the other casinos you need to comply. It is noticed that the majority of the online gambling facilities build very complicated and multi-elemented loyalty programs and VIP clubs that have no real sense when it comes to improvement of user experience.

For example, some online casinos demand that there should be a specified deposit amount on your account to be able to gain additional bonus codes, other demand from players to play on the daily basis which is completely not responding to the demands of the responsible gambling policies and there are also another ones that do not have a loyalty program at all.

On the contrary you should check the casino reward system. It is simple and primitive and you get free spins and free games in the casino on the constant basis just because you play the games and pay attention to the things that matter.

Thus, if you want to play in a reputable online casino which makes it all to provide a smooth and user-friendly approach create the account, login to it, make a deposit, check various games, find the one you really love and enjoy your staying the Lucky Dino Casino house.

Payout Rate

The payout rate is one of the most important indicators that are used to define whether the online casino is worth visiting. The majority of the online casino cannot really show high payout rate and most of the users do not really know about this indicator and do not consider it when choosing a place to gamble in. In order to say that the casino grants a normal payout rate one has to look through the corresponding section on the website and find out which is the payout rate for each online game. Sometimes it is figured out for the whole casino and sometimes you can see this indicator for each game presented in the category section. Do not hesitate to look through it in order to make the best choice.

However, if the payout rate figure is not pointed out on the casino website that doesn’t really mean always that it has a low payout rate and you shouldn’t gamble in it. You should check whether the online casino has a contract with TST – it is an international organization that examines the payout rate of the online casino and in case the website is approved by the organization you can be sure that the gambling facilities responds to the highest standards in the industry.

When we made a review of the online casino we have checked this indicator and as we know the Lucky Dino casino is regularly checked by the TST, thus here you can count on high chances to win comparing to the websites that do not submit their activities to the examination by this respectful and reliable organization.

What is true about the online casinos all over the world is the fact they usually always, however, that is said in overall which is normal as otherwise casinos couldn’t exist. However, the ones that have the high payout rate let their players to win as well more often than in other casinos.

Play Guide

If you have never played in online casino and now you are looking for a gambling facility where you can get the maximum gambling experience there have to be said some words about how to play there. First of all, in order to start playing for real money you definitely need to create an account in the service. Usually, this can be done ina couple of clicks and after filling some fields in the registration form. Some of the online casinos let you bound the social network account so you do not even need to fill any kind of information to gamble which make the sign up process easier.

After you have created an account you are usually offered to make a first deposit and claim a deposit bonus which you can use to play in the online casino almost for free. We have reviewed the welcome bonuses in the sections above so there is no need to talk about them now.

After you claim the promo code you can start gambling for real money and choose the game you like the most and plan to win in. You should know that there are many games which are almost the same and only differ a bit in rules enforced or the design which by the way can  improve your gambling experience if you make the right choice.

In order to check the game and play for fun before playing for real money you can choose the demo game option and play on virtual money which are credited on your demo balance completely for free. If you have any issues with the online gambling you always can contact the support which is surely working 24/7 on the majority of the website. For example, on the website it works for free via the live chat.

Make sure you check the promotions page regularly to get updates on the new offers provided by the online casino. The offer launched usually give you the benefits like extra funds you can play on, greater chances due to the free spins or free games you can claim for if you comply the requirements of the offer. So do not hesitate to use that for your good and you will surely get as majestic gambling experience as possible.

Mobile Gambling in The Casino

All the top gambling sites provide players with the outstanding mobile gambling experience.The Lucky Dino Casino is not an exception – even more thanks to the minimalistic design and very comfortable for scrolling category game section this website is ideal for mobile gambling.

No mobile app is needed when you can use such an outstanding website which is better than any software that needs to be found, downloaded, installed and still give you no advantages over the desktop version.

Just look how comfortable it is to find games in the category sections with such an approach to allocation of elements, just consider how few pages there are so you won’t be obliged to jump from one page to another to find necessary information – everything is concentrated on one place. Just do this all and you will see that there is no such an online casino providing such an outstanding user experience for gamblers all over the world no matter where they are.


What you need to know about the Lucky dino casino gambling facility is that it is an outstanding place to play for gamers in Canada and that majority of the games there are slots.

Here you can find slots with different themes, rules and winning strategies that can be applied. This is one of the strongest sides of the casino which can mentioned to be a top feature.

However, that doesn’t mean the casino has nothing to share with you anymore – the generous welcome, outstanding loyalty program that can make you better gambler and a more valuable gambler as long as you show high activity rate – all of these things are factors that affect choice of the majority of gamblers and all of these has to compared with the features provided by the other casinos.

Reviewer: Margarita Robin